Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blake is Walking!!!

The Friday before Mother's day ( May 8th) we flew down to Atlanta, Georgia very last minute (as in packed and out the door in a half hour). Matt was sent down there for 5 days for work, so me and the kids just figured we would go along. Especially since Joy and Greg, and Kelly and Mark lived down there and it was Mother's Day that Sunday. We were very excited to visit them and Brooklyn couldn't wait to see Riley and Jackson. Luckily Joy and Greg were fine with us coming and staying with them with no notice. Well, that Sunday on Mother's Day of course, Blake took his first steps!!! He had been so close for so long, and finally got the courage. But since we had packed so quickly, of course we forgot our camera. ARRRR! I was so mad. Joy and Kelly took some pictures for us of the trip ( which I will post later), but since then, we took some pictures and video of our little walking man.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Cali Trip

We just finished yet another trip down to my parents house in O.C. and had a great time. We had been itching all month to get out of this fickle Utah weather and into the California sun. I brought my nice camera this time, so I apologize now for the picture overload. I just can't help it when I've got the cutest kids ever in the most beautiful weather ever.

On our beach day in Laguna, it really couldn't have been more gorgeous. Days like this make me miss Cali so much. The kids had so much fun, especially Blake, who literally couldn't get enough of the 40 degree water. He just kept charging into the waves every time we put him down. He is such a water baby.

Matt had fun playing in the water too.

We also went to the pool in Ladera Ranch. Blake again couldn't get enough of the water.
And like always, loves when Daddy makes him Fly.

These pictures were taken on my Grandpa's boat on the Mission Viejo Lake.
Blake & Brooklyn loved steering the boat.

Brooklyn was having so much fun with cousin Nicolas on the swings,
I couldn't resist taking shots of my little fairy princess flying.

And the best part of the trip was meeting our new little niece Ashley Evelyn. Isn't she beautiful!

Lucky for us, we will be back in Cali before we know it.