Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For Matt's Birthday a few days ago, I threw him a surprise party. And he actually was surprised! I thought for sure that he would have found out, or guessed something along the way, but he didn't. It was so much fun and he just loved it. So many of his friends were there to wish him a happy birthday, as well as family, which helped me incredibly in putting it all together. It would not have worked with out them. Thank you everyone for coming and making it such a fun and memorable night!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Matt!!!!!

30 Reasons I Love My
30 Year Old

1. My best friend in every way
2. Given me two beautiful children
3. Always making me laugh
4. Honors his priesthood
5. A very hard worker
6. So darn handsome
7. Loves me unconditionally despite my lameness
8. Always opens the door for me
9. Is such a good Daddy
10. Has an awesome family
11. As a pilot, gets us free flights
12. Always treats me with respect
13. Is open minded about everything
14. Loves the gospel
15. Always trying to grow spiritually
16. Loves to play
17. Very responsible
18. Is wise with money (thank goodness)
19. Doesn't laugh at me, only with me.
20. Can be as goofy-stupid as me
21. Is a very hands-on dad
22. Does his share
23. Looks so sexy in uniform
24. Always knows the answers to all my scriptural questions.
25. Wears the kids out for bedtime on a daily bases
26. Has dimples that still make me melt
27. Accepts my girlyness ( time to get ready, shopping, etc.)
28. Is honest and open with me with everything
29. Is so dang hot
30. Somehow chose me to be the luckiest girl alive!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy belated Halloween everybody! Our Halloween this year was so much fun! Brooklyn actually got the trick-or-treating thing down this year and wanted to keep going all night. She couldn't believe that all these people kept giving her candy. And Blake enjoyed his first Halloween too. Brooklyn was Snow White, which she absolutely loved, while Blake followed in his Daddy's footsteps, and was our little aviator. Matt & I obviously put the most effort & creativity into our costumes.
Princess Brooklyn

Our little Fly Boy

Cuddling up with Grandma.

Princess Avery & Princess Brooklyn

Pea pod Aiden & Kami with Blake and I.

Cheyla, Logan & Leann showing off there spooky side.