Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We've Moved!!

We did it! We sold our house! We are so excited to move on to another chapter in our lives, even though we don't know where that is quite yet. We have just moved in to Casa de Bigler (Mom & Dad) and will be here for a few months while we shop around for the perfect home. Mom & Dad have been gracious enough to let us stay, kids, dog and all. But it definitely is a bitter sweet. We will miss our old little house so much. It is where we began as a family and have so many wonderful memories. We lived there for almost 5 years and have had so many great neighbors, a wonderful ward and many dear friends. To add to the sentiment, we are so emotionally attached because of all the sweat work we put into it. From the moment we moved in, to the moment we moved out, we were fixing it up. It has brought us more frustration at times than we could ever imagine ( doing about 95% of it ourselves), but so much pride and joy in the outcome. Now we feel like we can do almost anything when it comes to house remodeling/repairing. Below are some of the before and after pictures that many of you have been asking to see.


Before/ After

Family Room
Before/ After

Before/ After

Before/ After

Master Bedroom
(We don't have the before pictures, only video. Just imagine the ugliest green/blue sponge painted walls and no closets or molding for the before pictures)

Kids Bedrooms
( We also only have these on video. The before pictures just show these rooms without paint/molding or lighting)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Potty Training- ARGGG!!!!

Potty training. The most difficult thing in child rearing that they don't warn you about. It makes me wish that I could just fast forward time another year, not caring about the cute things I would miss. Brooklyn has been at it for 9 months. We have had to start and stop, and start and stop numerous times, because of vacations, Blake's birth, and one bad case of diarrhea. And finally, about a month 1/2 ago, we took the plunge and put her in undies, which she was thrilled about. Some days, she has done great, then other times, we see this...Fortunately in this picture, we were outside, which many of times, is not the case. And now, we are about to move in with Mom & Dad Bigler for a few months while we look for another home. Another major life event for her that I'm sure will lengthen this painful milestone. Mom & Dad, sorry ahead of time.