Monday, February 25, 2008

Adventures in the Windy City

Well, we finally made out to Chicago last week to visit Joy, Greg, Riley, and little Carter. Matt was on reserve at O'Hare airport the whole week, but luckily didn't get called in once, so he got to play with us the whole week. Yeah! We had such a great time, especially Brooklyn, who couldn't get enough of being with her best friend.

Matt with baby Carter

They had a swing set in their basement along with every other toy ever made. Their was never a dull moment.

This was at the Field (Natural History) Museum. Brooklyn was apparently a little nervous about riding the alligator.


This place was insane. They had so many cool things for the girls to do. We were there for about 4 hours and probably got through about half of the activities. I only wish they had something like that here in Utah.

Inside a giant bubble

Riley and Brooklyn couldn't get enough of the wind tunnel. They would have stayed in there all day if we had let them.

Joy and I started off the day with giving Matt and Greg their favorite powdered donuts. Yummy!

Next, Brooklyn and Riley made sugar cookies for their Valentine's - Daddy.

You can't make sugar cookies with out indulging a little, or a lot, right?

Our last adventure - THE SEARS TOWER

It was so beautiful and amazing at night. This picture doesn't really do it justice.

Thanks again to Joy and Greg for letting us take over their home for the week. We had so much fun! We love you!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Brooklyn's Winter Photo Shoot

Just a few of our favorite pix of our little favorite.