Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

This last week we went to this cute little pumpkin patch near our house and let the kids pick out their own pumpkins for the first time. We've always gone to Walmart in the past, but figured Brooklyn's old enough now to really have fun, and she did! Blake wasn't really having fun till we put him in the little wagon. When he was searching around for a pumpkin, he kept tripping and getting little pokey's on his hands.

Yeah for pumpkins!

I think Brooklyn was a little overwhelmed with how many she has to choose from. She picked like 20 pumpkins before we said she could only pick one.
She finally found the perfect one. She's was a little excited.

Blake finally found the perfect pumpkin. Or the perfect pillow.

And we can't go to a pumpkin patch with out playing on the tractor for a while. The kids loved it.

Blake is now as happy as can be riding in the wagon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer #3

One of my favorite summer pass time is slippin' n sliden. And this past summer, we did it a few times with many of the kids in our new neighborhood. We just love our new neighborhood, and the kids, as well as us, have already made some great friends.

And nothing screams summer more than a bunch of kids slurping on popsicles. Yummy! ( Taylor, Blake, Brooklyn, Bo, Mason, Tyson, and Ella)